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Privacy Policy of

This page has all required useful information to protect the personal information on behalf of Art. 13 of d.lgs. n. 196/2003 : – Code on the protection of personal information of those who surf in this website.

Data processing Holder
Giovanni Claudio Popovitch – Italy
Email address:

Types of Data collected
Among the personal data collected by this Application autonomously or through third parts are: cookie and Utilization data.

Other personal data collected can be specified in other sections of this privacy policy or through informative texts that can be seen in context while collecting data. Personal information can be willingly provided by users or collected automatically while using this Application.
The eventual use of Cookie- or other monitoring tools- by this Application or holders of third services used -where it’s not properly specified- has the aim to identify the user and register the relative preferences with strictly end joined to the concession of the requested service by the client.

The lack of permission given by users about some of their personal information can block this Application the authorization for using their own services.

Users are responsible of using personal information provided by others that’s published or shared during the use of this Application. And it guarantees the right to communicate them or to spread them, absolving the Holder of any responsibility with third people.

Modality and collected data processing place

Modality of data processing
The holder makes use of users’ personal information taking appropriate safety measures to avoid the access, spreading, modification or unauthorized destruction of personal data.
Data processing is carried out through the use of informatics tools and/or telematic with organizational modality and with logic closely related to the specified end.  Besides, in some occasions the holder can have access to data category of those in charge of the organization of the website (administrative personnel, commercial, marketing, lawyers, system administrators, and other external agents like technical services distributor, post agent, hosting provider, computer science societies, communications agencies), which will be name, if necessary, Responsible of Data processing by the Holder. The updated list of these Responsible ones can be requested to the Holder of Data Processing.

Data used by operation seats of the Holder and in other places where the involved parts in the data processing are focused.

Data is processed during the required time for the development of the service requested by the client or by the end described in this document. Users can always ask for the interruption of data processing or the cancelation of data.

Details of Personal Information Data Processing
Personal informations are collected with the following aims:

Cookie Policy
Using cookie is meant neither for the sharing of personal information nor for any of kind of persistent c.d. cookies nor for users’ localization system. More Information :

The use of session cookies (it’s memorized persistently in the user’s computer and disappears by the browser’s closing) is tightly limited to the transmission of identifying elements of section (which are random numbers generated by the server) that are required to the safe and efficient exploration of the site.    

Cookies c.d. of section that is used in this site prevents the use of other computer science techniques extremely dangerous for the confidentiality of users’ exploration and they don’t admit the acquisition of personal information used to identify the user.

The user can block or limit the reception of cookies through the browser’s options:
  • In Internet Explorer, click in “Tools” in the Menu Bar and after in “Internet Options”. Finally, access the window adjustments “Privacy” to modify the relative preferences to the cookies.   
  • In Firefox, click in “Tools” in the Menu Bar and after in “Options”. Finally, access the window adjustments “Privacy” to modify the relative preferences to the cookies.
  • In Chrome you should write “chrome://settings/content” in the Management Bar (without quotation marks) and modify as wished the relative adjustments to the cookies.
  • In Safari choose "Preferences" and then "Privacy". In the section Block Cookies you should specify how Safari should accept cookies of internet websites.
  • If you use Safari in portable devices, like iPhone and iPad, you should follow these steps: go to "Settings" in the device and then look for "Safari" in the left side menu. Then you should go to "Privacy and Security" where you'll be able to manage cookies options.

To disable cookies of external services it’s necessary to manage the following tools:    
  • Google Services :
  • Facebook :
  • Twitter :

More information about Data Processing 
Legal defense
Users’ personal information can be used to defend the Holder in trial or in a preparatory phase for its possible settlement, in case of abuse in the utilization of the related services by the User.
The User declares he’s aware that the Holder can reveal his information under a public authority’s request.

Specific information    
Under users’ request, apart from the information included in this privacy policy, this Application can provide the user with extra and context data about specific services or the personal information collection or data processing.    

Not included information in this privacy   
More information related to personal information processing can be requested anytime to the Holder of Data Processing by suing contact information.

Exercise of rights by users    
Individuals included in the personal information has the right to ask the Holder of Data Processing anytime to confirm its existence or not, to know the content and its origin, to verify accuracy or demand the integration, cancelling, updating, correction and anonymous transformation or blocking the personal information treated in law violation apart from objecting in any case, for legitimate ends, to the processing.
Requests are made to the Holder of Data Processing.    

This Application doesn’t take “Do Not Track” requests. In order to know if eventual services of third parts used take it you should consult their privacy policies.   

Modifications to this privacy policy    
The Holder of Data Processing has the right to add some modifications to this privacy policy anytime, informing properly the users of this site. It’s required to consult frequently this page taking as a reference the relative date to the last modifications included at the end of the page.  If the established modifications in this privacy policy are not accepted, the User should end the utilization of this Application and can ask the Holder of the Data Processing to remove his personal information except that when properly specified this privacy policy will be still used to the personal information that’s collected by then.    

Information about this privacy policy    
The Holder of the Data Processing is responsible of this privacy policy 

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.